Delivery Tracking

The Maxwell Circuits takes total responsibility, provides one hundred percent system support and is able to immediately notify you in the event of deviations, thus enabling appropriate and timely measures to be taken.

Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking at factory

A week before the expected date of dispatch, a check is made that the process is on schedule. In the event of a deviation, your local Maxwell Circuits company will inform you and a decision is taken whether to:

accept the deviation
speed up the job/produce new PCBs QTA
escalate the shipment or change the mode of freighting to express

Maxwell Circuits tracking system

Via the Maxwell Circuits tracking system, we are constantly linked to the systems of all forwarding agents, air, sea and postal. We are quickly informed if, against all expectations, any order line is delayed during transportation. We can see, at all times from the moment the shipment leaves the factory, exactly where the goods are, right up to the point they reach you. This includes details of the flight on which the goods are being carried, and the expected time of arrival for shipments into Europe.

The Maxwell Circuits has on-line links with the forwarding agents and can track the delivery via the order number, whilst in transit:

Where the goods are located
Estimated time of arrival
Whether cleared through customs etc.