Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The aim of the Maxwell Circuits’ quality assurance work is a zero-defect product with on time delivery. In order to achieve it we work both pro-actively and re-actively. This approach is standardized and carried out by the Factory Management organization.

Quality Assurance

Pro-active Quality Assurance

Maxwell Circuits PCB requirements (IPC) – Product control

Our requirements specification is based on IPC standards IPC 6012 rigid PCBs, IPC 6013 Flex, IPC 6016 HDI with some additions. Acceptance requirements are in accordance with IPC 600.

Examples of requirements in additions to IPC:

Copper thickness on hole walls (IPC class 3)
Build-ups flex-rigid PCBs
Peelable mask

Factory production process control

All of our factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We monitor factory management systems as part of our audit.


Annual audit

Our annual audit covers eight different areas:
1. Quality and environmental management systems
2. Sub supplier management and material sourcing
3. Material and warehouse management
4. Production processes and process control
5. Order, delivery and warehouse control
6. Complaints handling process
7. Production Facility – maintenance, machines, lab, etc
8. Automotive
In the event of deviations, the factory implements corrective actions, which are then followed up by the Maxwell Circuits on site.


Once a month we focus in detail on 1–3 production processes. e.g. surface treatment, solder mask process or drilling. If we detect deviations, the factory implements corrective actions, which are then followed up by Maxwell Circuits personnel on site.

Factory meetings

We hold monthly factory meetings at our main factories, where we review delivery, quality and service performance. We follow-up corrective actions on site and share news about what is happening within the Maxwell Circuits and at the factory.

Maxwell Circuits Shop-in-shop

We now have our own full time quality engineer, based at the factory production line which gives us full local control to oversee our orders as they are being produced right up to and including the final quality control and packaging stage. Our QC engineer ensures that our PCBs are manufactured according to our specifications and if any deviations occur, he can ensure that they are rectified.

Maxwell Circuits Shop-in-shop

At our main factories there are Customer service, preproduction engineering (PPE) and Final Quality Control (FQC) teams dedicated to handling, preparing and controlling Maxwell Circuits orders.

We have a Factory Supervisor for each of our main factories. At the factory, the Factory Supervisor takes part in monthly meetings, audit follow ups, mini audits, annual audits, follow-up of related corrective actions, implementation of specific customer demands, as well as miscellaneous issues and meetings that may be called to discuss production, complaints, delivery, price issues, new projects etc.

Re-active Quality Assurance

Delivery and quality statistics

Tools for checking and analysing trends to enable appropriate action to be taken on relevant matters. We record delivery precision statistics weekly and monthly. Quality statistics are reported on monthly.

Service feedback

Our local companies provide feedback about how the factory has performed (service). This evaluation is made through a questionnaire, grading the factories for various parameters. If a factory has a low score, improvement initiatives are agreed & introduced which are then followed up by Maxwell Circuits personnel at the monthly meetings.

CAR follow ups in the factory

CAR follow ups in the factory

The chart shows type of defects as a percentage of the total number of defects

A Corrective Action Report, is drawn up for each complaint. Implementation status is also checked.