We enjoy priority treatment from our forwarding agent and we ship synchronized, cost efficient consignments seven days a week to Europe. This is thanks to the Maxwell Circuits’ high volumes – more than 240 tons of PCBs annually at a freight value of 0,8 million euro from Hong Kong to Europe.


In 2018 Maxwell Circuits shipped 9 million PCB´s.

Regular daily shipments

Normally, we consolidate all goods at our export terminal in Hong Kong. In Europe, we divide up the consignment and freight it directly to the customer. Short periods of warehousing may be offered where required.

Our delivery responsibility

Maxwell Circuits normally offers deliveries with a lead time of 4-6 weeks from confirmed order until delivery. However, the lead time may be cut down to as little as 24 hours where required, in which case we use our factories specialized in fast turn-arounds and ship the goods by express freight. Of course, Maxwell Circuits deals with all customs clearance and other administration.

To guarantee shortest possible lead times our Factory Management team on site constantly keeps track of all shipments from our factories. You are quickly notified of any deviations and what is being done to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

Delivery precision solutions to fit your production needs


EXPRESS : 24 h – X days

The lead time can be reduced to 24 hours when there’s a very urgent demand. When short lead times are required we use our factories that specialise in fast turn-round (FTR) and send the goods by express direct airfreight.



Optimum time/cost ratio is calculated on capacity, technology, volume and freight mode.



Transportation efficiency is a major environmental factor to consider. As a result, we offer sea freight and sea-air as options. These options are more environment-friendly and also reduce the total freight costs. However, we must add 2 weeks for sea-air and 6 weeks for sea freight. Our recommendation is only to use this mode of freighting for major volumes and PCBs of fairly low added value. Climate-smart freight is also advised where our customer offers an environmentally-certified product and must be able to provide environmental accounting for all components of the production process.